We are pleased to announce PADC’s Officers and Executive Committee members elected at the June 21, 2021 Annual Meeting;


 President: William J. Ricci,  Vice President – Operations: June J. Essis,  Vice President – Programs: Kenneth S. Butensky,  Treasurer: Colleen E. Hayes,  Secretary: Stephen Bruderle


Harriet Anderson: Past President,  Mitchell S. Berger,  Jennifer S. Coatsworth,  Daniel J. Ferhat: Immediate Past President,  Thomas M. Hinchey,  Lynne O. Ingram,  Damian Jackson,  Sang W. Lee,  Matthew McColgan: Young Lawyer Representative,  John C. McNamara: Privileged Member Representative,  Lori C. Miller,  Lauren M. Steins,  C. Scott Toomey,  Michele E. Turner,  Matthew D. Vodzak,  Andre J. Webb

 Appointed by President William Ricci were:

C. Scott Toomey: Deputy Vice President – Operations,  Lauren M. Steins: Deputy Vice President – Programs


We are also pleased to announce the following award recipients named at the Annual Meeting:

Daniel J. Ferhat: PADC President’s Award,  Daniel J. Ferhat: DRI Exceptional Performance Award,  James M. Beck: William J. O’Brien Distinguished Service Award,  Angelo L. Scaricamazza (dec.): William J. O’Brien Distinguished Service Award – Lifetime Achievement,  Jennifer S. Coatsworth: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement Award,  Lauren K. Brown: Joseph H. Foster Young Lawyer Award


Congratulations to the Officers and Executive Committee members and to the award recipients.