As we are all aware, the Philadelphia court system has been the subject of a cyberattack. We are aware that our respective members all have questions and we have met with Judge New and Judge Allen to obtain answers to some of those questions. This memorandum reflects the results of that meeting and is being circulated with Judge New’s and Judge Allen’s consent. The Court has asked us to express its thanks for the continued civility, patience and cooperation shown by the Bar during this trying time.

Are case filing or statutory deadlines being extended?
No. All case and other deadlines (including statute of limitations deadlines) remain in full force and effect.

What filings need to be made?
All filings that would typically be done in electronic format must now be done physically in the clerk’s office. The clerk’s office is open from 9 until 4:30, Monday to Friday, and filings must be accompanied by a physical check. No credit cards are accepted.

When will the Philadelphia courts and e-filing system be back in effect?
There is no timeline in place, but the Court is working diligently on restoring access as quickly as possible.

Are trials affected?
No. Trial pool and date certain dates remain in effect. Copies of motions in limine and other trial documents (such as the pre-trial statement and proposed jury charge) should be brought to court.

How do I get copies of orders or know when my discovery motion is being calendared?
All orders and notices are being snail mailed by the Court. The Court is still docketing all filings and other case information.

Do I have to serve all counsel with paper copies of motions and other filings?
Yes. All counsel in a case should be sent paper or electronic copies of motions and other filings.

Who should I contact if I have any specific questions?
The dedicated Court contact is Charles Mapp, Sr., Chief Deputy Court Administrator, 336 City Hall, (215) 686-2239 (p) and (215) 686-3748 (f); most questions should be routed through him.

You may also contact Bob Cosgrove (PADC) at, Shelli Fedullo at (Philadelphia Bar) or Tim Lawn (PTLA) at

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