Rx Professional Services

Rx Professional Services has been providing top shelf Medical Expert and IME services to the Insurance Defense Industry since 1999. 

At Rx Professional Services, our primary purpose is to provide our clients with exceptional service and allow them to focus on what they do best – WIN!. We pride ourselves on properly managing every detail of the process to ensure that the IME goes seamlessly. To borrow a football metaphor, we’re like offensive linemen – the less you notice us, the better. 

We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the best experts in the Delaware Valley and Tristate area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware).   We have a robust medical expert network across all specialties.  Rx Professional Services has made a point to align ourselves with doctors from academic institutions (Penn, Jefferson, Temple, and Cooper, etc).  Of note, we have established exclusive relationships with a number of specialists on faculty at Penn.  We want our expert's opinions, by virtue of their credentials, to carry greater credibility and weight than a treating Doctor. Our experts are the best in their fields at delivering accurate and reliable medical reports. 

Our mission is 'Total Customer Satisfaction'. We take care of all aspects of the coordination effort including interfacing with opposing counsel, confirmation letters to all involved parties and direct billing to the insurer. Whether it be because you like our experts or appreciate our service, our hope is that you proactively refer us to your colleagues.