Membership Eligibility

The Association provides for four classes of membership: Regular, Privileged, Young Lawyers and Government Lawyers. Membership is limited to individuals and cannot be vested in firms or partnerships.

A Regular Member is one who has been admitted to practice before the courts of Pennsylvania or any other state, who is of good moral character, whose main office is in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester or Delaware County, and whose practice consists substantially in the representation of defendants in civil actions.

A Privileged Member is an individual who has been a member in good standing of the Association for not less than 10 years and who is 65 years of age or older. An application for such membership must be made for review and approval of the Executive Committee before exemption of payment of dues is granted.

Two additional membership classes are available: Young Lawyers (less than 5 years in practice) and Government Lawyers (state, city, local government, attorneys general, public defenders, district attorneys, and the courts), provided applicants meet the requirements for a Regular Member.

Membership Application Form