William J. Ricci


The Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel (PADC) is a local civil defense bar organization that acts as a voice for its members and the clients they serve on emerging issues of interest. In its 74th year of operation, PADC is comprised of a diverse and dynamic group of attorneys across multiple practice areas who represent clients in virtually all industries.

PADC was recently recognized nationally as one of the premier local civil defense bar organizations in the United States by Defense Research Institute.

PADC’s mission is to (1) protect and advance the interests of civil defendants and their counsel; (2) disseminate knowledge and information within the defense trial bar; (3) foster cooperation and good fellowship among members of PADC; (4) serve as a voice for civil defendants and their interests in the administration of justice; and (5) encourage compliance with the highest standards of professional conduct. To achieve its mission, PADC has hosted monthly CLE luncheon programs, workshops, programs designed to benefit young attorneys, an annual meeting and golf outing and special events dedicated to the challenges faced by women and minorities in the legal profession. PADC also organizes community service events and provides pro bono opportunities for its members.

Since early 2020 PADC has been unable to host in-person CLE programs or events because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, however, our organization became a fully-accredited distance learning CLE provider, allowing PADC to continue offering its members relevant, thought-provoking virtual programs – led by prominent speakers in their respective fields of practice – on important issues of interest to our members.

PADC has also been a leader in the Philadelphia legal community by working collaboratively with the court and the Philadelphia plaintiff’s bar to develop protocols and programs designed to keep cases moving forward in the face of the pandemic.

I am both humbled and proud to be President of an organization whose leaders have tirelessly and selflessly continued to deliver on our charter promise.