Harriet Anderson


PADC is a dynamic group of Philadelphia-area defense attorneys, with a terrific group of sponsors who work in the legal profession. We invite you to join with us as either a valued member or a sponsor, as we work hard to add value to the legal community and pursue our organizational goals for the 2019-2020 program year:

  1. PADC membership will provide enhanced resources to our members, and a dedicated platform to allow our members to showcase their considerable expertise.

    PADC serves as a resource for our members, and a source of collegiality within the greater Philadelphia defense bar. We provide feedback on experts, analysis of pertinent shifts in case law, and assessment of changes to the Pa. R.E. and Pa.R.C.P. Additionally, we encourage members to offer CLEs and publish significant practice notes and articles pertaining to motion practice, trial skills and techniques, and case analysis. Check out our website for members’ informative articles.

  2. Continue strong tradition of service to the judiciary.

    Recently, we served the judiciary as a timely point of contact to disseminate information to the Bar during the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas website shutdown. Former President Bob Cosgrove and PADC Judicial Relations Co-Chairperson Jennifer Coatsworth also led initiatives with the plaintiffs’ bar and the judiciary through meetings with Judge Woods-S akipper, Judge Fox, Judge Allen and Judge New to address important issues affecting the Bar.

  3. Remain in the forefront as a defense advocacy group.

    PADC will continue to draft or join in important amicus briefs through the advocacy of Terry Sachs, Jim Beck, Dan Ferhat, Lise Luborsky, Matt McColgan and many others on PADC’s Amicus Committee, to protect and advance the interests of civil defendants. Briefs were filed on matters including unlisted resident driver exclusion, household vehicle exclusion involving use of motorcycle, admissibility of evidence regarding risks and complications in case alleging breach of standard of care, exercise of general personal jurisdiction over foreign corporations based on registration to do business in Pennsylvania, and applicability of attorney-client privilege and attorney work product privilege to meetings with employees of corporate defendant. Regarding legislative issues impacting the defense bar, on behalf of healthcare defendants, PADC, led by PADC Vice President Dan Fehart, filed comments with Pennsylvania's Civil Procedural Rules Committee opposing the proposed revocation of Rule of Civil Procedure 1006(a.1) and related medical malpractice venue rules.

  4. Focus on what matters. 

    One of the stated objectives of PADC is Diversity & Inclusion. We have created a new D & I committee co-chaired by Kathleen Wilkinson, Jenifer Coatsworth and Eric Siciliano. In the upcoming year we will hold two stand-alone CLEs, focusing on legal issues facing women litigators and minorities in the courtroom and in the legal system. In addition, we will host specific community service activities. All will be posted to the PADC website, www.philadefense.org, and we invite all members of the legal and judicial community, as well as our valued sponsors, to join with us in our efforts to champion D & I.

Other new programs involve enhancements to the ongoing CLE programming, with a focus on advocacy and skill enhancement. The CLE Committee is led this year by Bill Ricci and Colleen Hayes. We invite the legal community and judiciary to join us for the CLEs which run from September 2019–May 2020, and feature such topics as “Amicus Initiatives”, and “The Curious Case of The Orthopedic Surgeon Who Doesn’t Operate”. Luncheons are held on the third Tuesday of the month and are the “best-kept secret” value for CLEs from outstanding presenters at center city restaurants. All CLEs are posted to the website and featured on the PADC LinkedIn page.

For community service programs led by Lauren Steins, PADC members are again slated to serve the community at institutions such as Jane Addams Place, and through participation in mock trials with the Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement. This fall we will join with the charity, “Alex’s Lemonade Stand”, and invite defense counsel across the state to join us for a statewide push to fund advances in childhood cancer. Earlier this summer we volunteered at Ronald McDonald House for the Third Annual Night of Service, and raised money to support their programming. Check out our website for more details on PADC community service initiatives.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, suggestions, and to discuss your thoughts on moving PADC forward as the premier Philadelphia based defense advocacy organization.

With kind regards,

Harriet Anderson