Protocol for Settlement Conferences Postponed During COVID 19 Judicial Emergency

Please take notice that civil matters, previously listed for a settlement conference but postponed as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) judicial emergency, will be relisted for a settlement conference before a Judge Pro Tempore who has the ability and necessary technology to conduct audio and video conferences remotely utilizing Zoom or similar virtual conferencing software.

Upon appointment, the Judge Pro Tempore will expeditiously contact all counsel of record, schedule, coordinate and host the virtual settlement conference.

Settlement Conference Memoranda must be electronically filed with the court and electronically delivered to the Judge Pro Tempore and counsel of record at least five (5) days prior to the date of the virtual conference.

Please be reminded that the Judges Pro Tempore work directly under the supervision of the Judicial Team Leader, to whom the results of each conference are reported. Should counsel appear unprepared or fail to negotiate in good faith at the settlement conference, the JPT may issue a Rule to Show Cause before the Judicial Team Leader who will address the failure to appropriately participate in the virtual settlement conference.

Honorable Jacqueline F. Allen
Administrative Judge
Trial Division

Honorable Arnold L. New
Supervising Judge Trial Division – Civil

Honorable Gary S. Glazer
Supervising Judge
Trial Division – Commerce Program