Dave Cole has been PADC’s Executive Director since 2002. Dave became the respected public face of the organized defense bar in Philadelphia.  Dave developed and maintained positive and productive relationships with  groups and people, pioneering initiatives with the Defense Research Institute, Pennsylvania Defense Institute and other bar associations. He has been instrumental in expanding the membership and offerings of PADC.  During changes in PADC's administration, Dave has been the glue that has held the organization together with his institutional knowledge, intimate knowledge of PADC's By-Laws, and his appreciation of the organization's goals and vision. These attributes stood in high relief during the pandemic.  Dave successfully pivoted to administering our programming and business operations to a virtual platform and later, as appropriate, back to in-person events, all within the parameters of our By-Laws, traditions and values.  He has worked on upgrading PADC’s website, including the upload of all pertinent information to our new platform. Dave has maintained and attracted PADC’s sponsors and new members, assisted in managing our many committees and has ensured that our organization was up to date with tax filings and By-Law requirements.

We wish Dave the very best in his well-earned retirement. He leaves a tremendous legacy which will continue.