Policyholder was driving a delivery truck for work when he swerved to avoid another vehicle.  In doing so, he lost control of his truck and suffered injuries. The other vehicle fled the scene.  Policyholder had a personal policy with Erie Insyrance at the time of the accident.  Because the other driver fled, the other vehicle was considered an uninsured motor vehicle. The policyholder made a claim for uninsured motorist coverage benefits with Erie. The court held Erie did not have to provide coverage because the work vehicle fit the “regularly used non-owned vehicle” exclusion contained in that policy.  While policyholder regularly used the truck, he did not own it.  As a result, it was excluded under his personal policy with Erie. For a detailed summary of Erie Insurance Group v. Catania visit the following url: http://blog.wcmlaw.com/2018/10/pa-policyholder-not-entitled-to-uninsured-or-underinsured-motorist-coverage-when-injured-in-work-vehicle/