Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel (PADC) Presents
FREE** CLE and Cocktail Reception for Young Lawyers:

August 1, 2024 (4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CLE followed by Cocktail Reception)

Zen and the Art of Litigation Defense

Having practiced for over 40 years, PADC member and Weber Gallagher partner Joe Goldberg understands the art of defending civil litigation. From case assignment to trial, he will discuss best practices and offer tips, strategies, and a philosophy of defense that will keep supervising partners happy and plaintiffs’ lawyers off balance. This seminar is perfect for younger (and younger in spirit) lawyers.

2000 Market Street, 6th Floor Conference Space

Why There Is an Asterisk:
Both the CLE and Cocktail Reception are FREE to young lawyers (practicing 7 years or less) whether current PADC members or not.  PADC members who admit to not being young attend free, too. $45.00 for non-PADC members practicing more than 7 years.

Why There Are Two Asterisks:
Because young lawyers who are not yet and have not been PADC members will also receive a free membership in PADC for the rest of the calendar year.