Court Grants MSJ, Finding No Duty to Indemnify

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted a MSJ in favor of a casualty insurance company, holding that it acted properly in denying coverage because the driver of the vehicle was not an insured under its policy. For a detailed summary of the case of Myers v.

A Matter of Factual Causation

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a plaintiff needed to establish factual causation, even when the defendant was found negligent and the plaintiff produced uncontroverted evidence of injury. For a detailed summary of the case of Koziar v.

Community Service Update

A great big thank you to everyone who volunteered at Jane Addams Place for Martin Luther King Day!! We spent time with the children, cleaned their play space, and took a room so disorganized that you could not even walk through it and turned it into something manageable through teamwork! Overall it was a productive and enjoyable day that was very much appreciated by the shelter staff and residents!!

Insurer's Declaratory Judgment Action Unripe

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently denied a Motion to Dismiss a Declaratory Judgment Complaint as premature when there was yet to be liability found against the insureds in the underlying actions.  The Court denied an insurer’s Motion to Dismiss and